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Craig Turpie is the Chairperson of the WSC 2017-2020

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Mr Craig Turpie from the United Kingdom has been elected as the chairperson of the World Scout Comittee 2017-2020. The announcement was made in the last day of the 41st World Scout Conference 2017 which been held in Baku Congress Center, from 14th to 18th August 2017.

The chairperson was chosen among the twelve new members of the World Scout Committee. The 12 new members were elected one day before  on Wednesday, 16th August 2017 afternoon. Following it, the World Scout Committee also chosen two chairperson and they are Ms Jemima Natemle Nartey (Ghana) and Mr Edrward Andrew “Andy” Chapman (United States of America).

The World Scout Committee is the executive body of the WOSM. It is one of three primary components of WOSM, with the other two being the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Bureau. The World Scout Committee is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the World Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between its meetings.

The 12 members of  the  World Scout Committee members are in alphabetical order of their last name:

  • Mr Mehdi Ben Khelil (Tunisia)
  • Mr Peter Blatch (Australia)
  • Mr Edward Andrew “Andy” Chapman (United States of America)
  • Mr Jo Deman (Belgium)
  • Mr Janaprith Salinda Fernando (Sri Lanka)
  • Mr Ilyas Ismayilli (Azerbaijan)
  • Ms Sarah Rita Kattan (Lebanon)
  • Mr Leonardo Morales Morales (Costa Rica)
  • Ms Pia Melin Mortensen (Denmark)
  • Ms Jemima Nartemle Nartey (Ghana)
  • Mr Juan Reig (Spain)
  • Mr Craig Turpie (United Kingdom)
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