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After a suspense-filled afternoon, we finally had a chance to relax for a while in the leisure part of the program that had been prepared. The Land of Fire had its magnificent         Welcome evening for all the participants at the glamourous and igniting venue Ateshgah, with the Fire temple. We got to enjoy the beautiful, warm atmosphere, delicious cuisine, vivacious dances and our togetherness. We had a chance to bond under a magical and sparkly, star-filled sky, share the feelings and impressions that we have from this amazing event.

The venue was not quite in the vicinity of our BCC, but we had an organised trasport team, thus everyone managed to come and have a delightful time. It was difficult to resist the charm and spell of the Azerbaijani traditional music, so everybody was tempted to dance in front  of the main stage.

A big thank you to all the performers for the outstanding performances and a truly memorable atmosphere!

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