How can I get know if I need a visa and which type of visa I can apply for?

There are three groups of countries in regards to visa process: 

1. E-visa (online)

There are 93 countries eligible for the Azerbaijan e-Visa programme.  This is an easy 3-step process that does not require an invitation or support letter and costs 20 USD. Please check to see if your country is eligible here.  If your country qualifies, please use this link to apply for your visa: https://evisa.gov.az/en.  You can apply for your e-Visa at any time from now, and you will need a JPEG copy of your passport to upload.

2. Visa upon arrival

If your country is not one of the 93 countries on this list, please be sure to provide your passport details and passport scan copy during the registration process for obtaining the support letter from State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic and receiving "visa upon arrival".

3. Visa-free regime. Citizens of the few countries listed here are part of the visa-free regime and do not require a visa to enter Azerbaijan.

What is the procedure for obtaining visas upon arrival?

If the name of your country is not written in the E-Visa system countries list (you can check the list from here https://evisa.gov.az/en/countries), then in the registration process for 41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum 2017, you need to tick the box "to get the visa at the Baku International Airport". Automatically system will considering your arrival and departure time, and will ask to send scan of your passport, then we will provide you with a special letter of invitation by the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan and State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to be able to purchase an entry visa upon arrival to Azerbaijan (at the airport visa desk). For the visa prices please check the link http://mfa.gov.az/content/749

Also, you can check the information about visa process in our official website http://wsc2017.az/plan-your-trip/how-to-get-visa/

Is there any deadline for "Visa upon arrival" support from Hosts?

Yes, the deadline is on July 17th. In case, you are applying for Visa upon arrival, Host Committee kindly request to tick relevant request and upload your passport to the registration platform before July 17th. Due to the state procedure of clearance and scheduled terms, Host Committee couldn't guarantee receiving support letters from State Migration Service in time before events will start, if passports will not be uploaded before July 17th. If you will not manage to do it before this deadline, you will be charged for "short-term" clearance (in amount equivalent to 70 USD) or you will need to apply to the local Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in your respective country and receice visa in advance by yourself.


How can I get to my hotel, when I arrived, otherwise how can I depart from the hotel?

All participants who will come during official dates of arrival (August 3, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14) will be provided with transport from the airport to the Scout Family Hotels.

And all participant will be provided with buses for departure from hotels at designated official departure dates (August 11, 18, 19, 20). Post Conference Tours participants will be provided to the airport upon requests.

How can I go to the venue or hotel beside shuttle buses?

Beside shuttle buses, you can use city buses (Baku Bus) or taxi regarding your own payment. Using taxi is absolutely safe and costs around 15 manats from the airport to the city centre, or around 3-7 manat from hotels in the downtown/city centre to the venue.  Uber is available as well.

Accommodation, arrivals & departures

How do I need to manage my bookings if I arrive early or depart later?

In case you want to arrive before 13th August and/or leave later than 19th of August, you should contact our accommodation department accommodation@wsc2017.az directly for clarification.

Step by step guide: 

1. Register at the online registration system.

2. Book your accommodation for the conference time (13th -19th August)

3. Send us mail with the title of selected hotel, registration number, and number of rooms

Describe your schedule following the example: 


We are planning to arrive earlier on 11th August and leave on 20th August.

We need DBL room for this time for me John Carter and my wife Sarah Connor, we already booked accommodation at the Excelsior Hotel from 13th till 19th August through the registration system. Our registration number is #4234234234  Please confirm room availability for this period.

4. Get an answer from us with confirmation and details.

5. Keep in mind that you will have an additional invoice or even two invoices for extra dates, and you should pay them upon arrival.

If I arrive earlier or depart later, would be the price for the room in on of the Scout Family Hotels the same for me?

First, if you need to book rooms in the Scout Family Hotels before August 13th and after August 19th, please, contact us via accommodation@wsc2017.az and we'll check the availability of rooms for you before and after the contracted dates for our guests (August 13th-19th) and we'll do our best to negotiate with the hotel and save the same special prices for you if rooms will be available.

What if I will book rooms by myself via booking.com or directly with the hotel?

Of course, you can. But, please, note, that ALL prices in the ALL Scout Family Hotels, was agreed and fixed in signed contracts between the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan and hotels management. They are definitely are more cost effective comparing to those you can find in any online booking system and including breakfast already. Take into account, please, that we, as a Hosts are not responsible for any results of your direct contact with hotels or self-made reservations through online booking systems.

To learn more about hotel details and prices, as well as about availability of the remaining rooms, please, check our Accommodation page.

What if I will book the room in the other hotel than one of the Scout Family Hotels group or city apartments by myself?

Yes, you can. Just take into account that August is a high tourist season in Azerbaijan and many hotels are already overbooked, so you need to decide it ASAP. But in this case, you will need also to get to Conference venue by yourself. Also, you will not have help desks with daily volunteers support. Transfers from and to the airport will be organised only to the Scout Family Hotels assambly points.

Do we need to book accommodation for Youth Forum and Interevent?

Youth Forum and Interevent accommodation are booked automatically for all registered participants and included in your participation fee.  In case you stay for Interevent up to the 13th August you don't need any additional accommodation, otherwise, you will have to book a hotel after the Youth Forum. In that case please contact our accommodation department: accommodation@wsc2017.az

Conference Venue

What is the deadline to make a stand reservation?

There is no particular deadline until we still have a free space for exhibition. However, the exhibition spaces are filling up quickly, and the earlier you book, the better location you are going to have. First come, first served principles applies for all bookings.

Can I cancel my booking for exhibition stand?

Yes, you can cancel your exhibition stand booking, but there is a cancellation fee that applies (30% of the total cost of your stand booking for a request earlier than 1 months before the event, and 100% for the requests received later than 1 months before the event).

Accompanying Persons Programme & Post Conference Tours

What is the pick-up point for the beginning of the tours?

The pick-up point is - front of your hotel for the Post-Conference tour.

But, please, kindly note that for the Accompanying Person Programme the pickup point is the front entrance to the main Conference Venue - Baku Congress Center.

13th World Scout Youth Forum

How do we get from the airport to the venue (i.e. Gabala)? How much will it cost?

On the designated days, participants will be welcomed by local Scouts at Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Baku), Gabala International Airport and Ganja International Airport (depending on the information provided in the registration system).

Transfer from/to the above-mentioned airports will be free of charge as part of the fee package.

Designated days:


- For KAICIID Dialogue for Peace training - 3rd August 2017 before 1 pm Baku time

- For the Youth Forum - 6th August 2017 (whole day), 7th August 2017 (before 1 pm Baku time)


- 11 August 2017

Other Questions

What are the religious and cultural matters applied to the external look of men and women in Azerbaijan?

The majority of Azerbaijani people are Muslims. Wearing hijab is a matter of choice. Azerbaijan is also a home to several other ethnic and religious groups, including Christian and Jewish communities, the ancient Zoroastrian community in the past etc.

At the same time, Azerbaijan is a country with very tolerant and secular society. In Baku, women, and men usually dressed in western-style clothes as well as national traditional types of clothes. It is acceptable to wear short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and skirts during hot summer season. You just need to remember that if you will visit religious sites, places of worship, etc. you have to respect the rules applying to such places.

What will be the weather conditions in August?

The summer is the hottest period in Absheron peninsula; daily temperature can be around 30-35C degrees. Falling daily high temperatures characterise the month of August in Baku sometimes. If you are coming for the Forum, keep in mind, please, that the winds and rains could be stronger due to location among mountains in Gabala. For more detailed information about climate and estimated weather please check the link http://wsc2017.az/azerbaijan/climate/

Is it dangerous to walk outside at night?

Azerbaijan is a safe country. The downtown of Baku and other walking and touristic sites in the city are brightly lightened up almost the whole night. Taxis are waiting for clients across and around the city centre 24/7 and are absolutely safe. Anyway if you are here for the first time and don’t speak Azerbaijani, English or Russian, which are widely spread here, it will be good to be with someone who knows local places and language.

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